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Wednesday, September 16

Most of us are experiencing varying levels of anxiety during this very trying time of pandemic.

These are natural reactions to all of the uncertainty and constantly changing situations we are confronted with on a daily basis.

The stresses are compounded moment to moment.

We are dealing with a pervasive sense of lack of control.

Not knowing what is coming next, unemployment is rampant, people afraid and asking themselves: Will I be able to feed my family? Will I be evicted?

All of this uncertainty is adding fuel to the anxiety fire.

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So much of what we're experiencing is anxiety producing:

  • Everything is lasting longer than we were told to expect.

  • Kids are back in school (or not, or who knows what tomorrow will bring?) SO parents and grandparents are stressed.

  • Unemployment is rampant.

  • Stimulus checks and unemployment benefits still have not been distributed.

  • Facebook debates are ugly.

  • We can't help but wonder ... What will the holidays be like?

  • Political uncertainty reigns.

  • Worrying about this "new reality" where we worry ... "Will I ever get to see my _______ (fill in the blank family member or friend) again if they are in the hospital with the virus?"

  • And more!

Let me teach you a multitude of tools to help you CALM your body, mind, and spirit - with simple yet very powerful strategies that work.

You can live with greater peace of mind!


Wednesday September 16 @ 6pm Eastern

5pm Central | 4pm Mountain | 3pm Pacific